How long to wait for tanning results to show?

Ever since the introduction of indoor tanning techniques, it has made tanning simple and effective. Thanks to modern tanning methods, one must not spend their time baking under the sun. Indoor tanning eliminates the sun’s use, and thus, it is referred to as sunless tanning. Surveys on tanning have revealed that 35% of the U.S.A adult population have used indoor tanning ones in their lifetime. Given the popularity of indoor tanning, many slim sculpt services offering salons are providing such options.

If it’s your first time taking a spray tanning service, you might be wondering how long it takes for the spray tan to show results.

How long it takes for the spray tan solution to seep into the skin and leave a tan depends upon various factors. So, let’s look into these factors in detail.

#1 The Tanning Bed You’re using

The tanning machines and equipment used for tanning can have a significant impact on the tanning result. When you visit your nearest tanning salons in Virginia Beach, enquire the aesthetician about the spray tanning services offered by them. Ask whether they use the latest airbrush applicators and what shades are available with them. Advanced tanning beds and spray tanning equipment are easy to operate and gives quick result. They also offer tan that looks and feel even and natural.

#2 Your Skin Type and Tone

Your skin tone and type also play a crucial role in determining the time it will take for the tan solution to settle on your skin. People with pale or fair skin tone are required to take more than one tanning session as a single session is not enough for the tan mist to penetrate the skin cells. Your aesthetician may start with abbreviated tanning sessions to prepare your skin for a full spray tanning procedure.

Similarly, people with darker skin tone and type may need fewer tanning sessions to achieve the desired darkness.

It is a common belief that taking a full body spray tanning session will help one tan fast. However, jumping into a full-body tanning session can cause skin irritation or skin burn. Doing a patch test before any spray tanning service is recommended.

#3: Tanning Sprays

How your tan will develop will largely depend upon the products and spray tan solutions you have used. There are various spray tan mists and tanning lotions with different ingredients and effects. What type of spray tanning equipment you are using can either enhance tan development or reduce it. Similarly, what lotions and creams you put on your skin before and after the tanning session can also impact your tan result. Sunscreen lotions and moisturizers are some everyday beauty products used by most of us. While sunscreen lotions offer protection from the sun’s UV rays, applying it before your tanning appointment can reduce the tanning solution’s effect.


It’s impossible to determine how many tanning sessions one will require for the tan to set on the skin. It’s recommended that one should consult an aesthetician before going to any tanning treatment.…